Reiki Benefits

Reiki releases stress, tension, anxiety and negative feelings

Accomplishes a state of peace, health & well being

Improves concentration & gives clarity of mind

Brings harmony in relationship

The 7 Chakras

Miracle of Reiki - 7 Chakras

Root/ Muladhar Chakra

Source of our will to live, existence and survival, physical energy, stability, grounding, growth, love with nature

Energy blockage

Weakness, obstacles in development and growth, fear of security, lack of trust, indecisiveness, easily overwhelmed by difficulties and crisis, anxieties and depression, danger of self-delusion

Sacral/ Hara Chakra

Fertility, sensuality, sexuality, money related issues, detoxification of poison

Energy blockage

Insufficient sexual development from childhood, impotence, frigidity, diminished sexual appetite, loss of motivation in doing something new, lack of sensuality, addictions, intoxications, blood related diseases, financial problems

Solar Plexus/ Manipur Chakra

Centre of power and wisdom, provides energy to entire body, pleasure, helps maintain normal body temperature, digestion, self-confidence, plays an important role in the formation of our personality, transforms our hope and aspirations into reality, fat metabolism

Energy blockage

Skin diseases , allergy, digestive troubles like indigestion, acidity and gastric problems, diarrhea, vomiting, liver disorders, diabetes, hypo glycaemia, frequent mood swings occur resulting in an unstable personality, chronic fatigue, hypertension, nervous disorders

Heart/ Anahat Chakra

Source of love and compassion, expresses unconditional love for spirit, consciousness and every level of creation, help create immunity to diseases, increased ability of an individual to help others unconditionally, makes us emotionally strong

Energy blockage

: Inability to give and receive love, makes people hard hearted and susceptible to heart disease, lung diseases, asthma, anger, heart attacks, high blood pressure, frustration, depression

Throat/ Anahat Chakra

Communication and creative expression. Throat chakra influences the thyroid gland which affects the nervous system, metabolism, muscle control and body heat production. As this chakra lies between heart chakra and third eye chakra, it plays an intermediary role between though and feeling. People with strong throat chakra make good teachers, have greatest verbal abilities, musical, good acting and singing talents.

Energy blockage

Inability to express, fear of dependence on the opinions of others, thyroid problems, hearing problems, stiff neck, shoulder pain, cough and cold, sour throat, hearing problems

Third Eye/ Ajna Ckakra

Wisdom, self-awareness, quest for knowledge, controls autonomic nervous system, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, high level intuition power, makes us mentally strong by good memory and fast learning habits

Energy Blockage

Vision, mental and emotional problems, low intellect and a confused mind, stess, headaches

Crown/ Sahastrar Chakra

Spirituality, enlightenment and self-realization, higher level of cosmic consciousness, integration and understanding, entry point of Reiki after attunement. A person who has well-developed crown chakra can succeed in any position situation or profession and they can become spiritual teacher

Energy blockage

A feeling of separation and a feeling of abandoned, inability to learn. People with weak crown chakra completely withdraw from the world which may retard their development. Such people could become hyperactive since they feel they have to justify their existence

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  • Depression

  • Annemia

  • Cysts

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  • Digestive disorders


Learning Reiki from Dr. S. C. Jain, Reiki grandmaster is my honor. He is very dedicated towards Reiki and always motivate us to use Reiki power in every aspect of life. He teaches every small thing practically during seminars which makes easier to remember. I have done Reiki I Degree, II Degree and Reiki 3A from Prabhuji and I use Reiki energy in my day to day life

Ashok Gupta

I came to know about Reiki from Dr. S.C Jain while I was attending one spritual program. As I was in not good phase of life that time so I decided to learn Reiki from him. And after doing Reiki Ist degree, I got the power to manifest and clarity in thoughts.

I would recommend every person to learn Reiki as it change the life completely

Hardik Malviya

I have done Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki 3A from Dr. S.C. Jain & Mrs Sudha Jain. I can say my life has changed totally after that.

I am full of positivity in every situation and have healed my big health issues like scitica pain and kidney stones after learning Reiki

Promil Jain

हमारा 2 डिग्री का अनुभव यह रहा है कि प्रभु-माँ को हमने 1 डिग्री से ही अपने माँ-बाप से ज्यादा बढ़कर स्थान दिया है इस कारण उनकी जगह पर अन्य को देखना हमारे लिये कठिन है। रेकी ने हमे नया जीवन दिया है। विचार तो बहुत है पर माँ-प्रभु एक ही है। उसके लिये हम  माँ-प्रभु का आभार व्यक्त करते हैं।
धन्यवाद ।

Kavita Awsarkar

मैं रेकी से 2012 मे जुडी। मुझे साइनस और शरीर मे दर्द की समस्या बहुत सालों से थी। जब मुझे मेरी एक परिचित ने प्रभुजी की रेकी क्लास के बारे बताया तो मैंने उनसे सीखा और मेरी सभी शारीरिक समस्याएं 90% तक ठीक हो गयी । अब मैं स्वयं रेकी लेती हूँ और परिवार मैं भी जरूत पड़ने पर देती रहती हूँ। और मैं सभी को कहना चाहूंगी की रेकी से अवश्य जुड़े और अपना जीवन बदलें ।

Asha Roman