Dr. Suresh Chandra Jain is an engineer by qualification and a highly renowned Grand Reiki Master. He has been teaching Mechanical Engineering for over 50 years and worked at Regional Engineering College, Bhopal for 38 years in several leadership positions.
Over the years of his illustrious career, Dr. Jain has touched the hearts of several students. Truly believing in the foundation of his profession, he has always been committed to imparting knowledge to his students.

He has lived his life with the thought that positive and uncompromised belief in your dreams can help you achieve any goals. Having risen from an environment that did not support education, Dr, Jain’s entire life has been devoted in the welfare of society, especially of those who had motivation but limited means to support their quest for learning. This devotion led him to do more for the young, old and needy, who were struggling to find a path to success.

As Reiki says “Energy follows Thoughts”, Dr. Jain was drawn to a whole new science of Reiki in October 1998. He had an initiation to Reiki Master Healer in May 2000. Ever since then, he has devoted his life to Reiki. For the past 19 years, he has been spreading the power of Reiki healing and has conducted over 500 Reiki seminars all over India and in USA. His technique of delivering Reiki knowledge is unique and is hailed by everyone who has attended his seminars. His Reiki seminars not only initiate you to Reiki but also inspire and motivate you to be a confident and positive person in life. Many attendees have described his seminars as life-changing event. Often, people who have learned Reiki from other practitioners, come and attend his seminars again to be a part of this life-changing experience.

Mrs. Sudha Jain is a homemaker and hails from religious and spiritual family. Her devotion to the knowledge of Reiki inspired her to get trained in all levels of Reiki by 2000. After that she has been actively participating in imparting Reiki knowledge during Reiki Seminars. Often called as ‘Guru Maa’ she is a very critical part of all Reiki seminars. Her presence in these seminars provides the participants the bond of a mother, who is full of love, caring and compassion.


Learning Reiki from Dr. S. C. Jain, Reiki grandmaster is my honor. He is very dedicated towards Reiki and always motivate us to use Reiki power in every aspect of life. He teaches every small thing practically during seminars which makes easier to remember. I have done Reiki I Degree, II Degree and Reiki 3A from Prabhuji and I use Reiki energy in my day to day life

Ashok Gupta

I came to know about Reiki from Dr. S.C Jain while I was attending one spritual program. As I was in not good phase of life that time so I decided to learn Reiki from him. And after doing Reiki Ist degree, I got the power to manifest and clarity in thoughts.

I would recommend every person to learn Reiki as it change the life completely

Hardik Malviya

I have done Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki 3A from Dr. S.C. Jain & Mrs Sudha Jain. I can say my life has changed totally after that.

I am full of positivity in every situation and have healed my big health issues like scitica pain and kidney stones after learning Reiki

Promil Jain

हमारा 2 डिग्री का अनुभव यह रहा है कि प्रभु-माँ को हमने 1 डिग्री से ही अपने माँ-बाप से ज्यादा बढ़कर स्थान दिया है इस कारण उनकी जगह पर अन्य को देखना हमारे लिये कठिन है। रेकी ने हमे नया जीवन दिया है। विचार तो बहुत है पर माँ-प्रभु एक ही है। उसके लिये हम  माँ-प्रभु का आभार व्यक्त करते हैं।
धन्यवाद ।

Kavita Awsarkar

मैं रेकी से 2012 मे जुडी। मुझे साइनस और शरीर मे दर्द की समस्या बहुत सालों से थी। जब मुझे मेरी एक परिचित ने प्रभुजी की रेकी क्लास के बारे बताया तो मैंने उनसे सीखा और मेरी सभी शारीरिक समस्याएं 90% तक ठीक हो गयी । अब मैं स्वयं रेकी लेती हूँ और परिवार मैं भी जरूत पड़ने पर देती रहती हूँ। और मैं सभी को कहना चाहूंगी की रेकी से अवश्य जुड़े और अपना जीवन बदलें ।

Asha Roman