Reiki Level I

In Reiki I, the student receives the first attunement from a Reiki master. Reiki I is useful for physical cleansing of self and others. The energy is transferred by touch. After first level training the student should practice it on self for 21 days regularly and can give Reiki to others also. Reiki channel acquires the ability to attend Reiki II seminar after 21 days self-practice. A higher energy level in self is necessary for second level

  • Introduction – Meet your Reiki Master and fellow batchmates.

  • Brief Discussion – Why are you taking this class?

  • Overview of Reiki – Universal Life Energy

  • Receive attunement for level 1

  • Post-attunement hands-on experience

  • Learn self-treatment hand positions

  • Knowledge about Chakras

  • Circle of confidence

  • Group Reiki

  • Aura and cleansing of Aura

  • Power ball and its practice

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Reiki Level II

After second level attunement and training session of two days the Reiki power of student increases by more than four times. The student gets three symbols which not only increase the Reiki power but enable us to send Reiki energy to a person who is far away by determination and intention. After second level training and practice the person’s self-development and spiritual development increase to high level

  • Introduction & experiences of Level 1

  • Introduction to Reiki symbols

  • Reiki Level 2 attunement

  • About distance healing

  • Reiki Box Technique

  • Colors in Reiki Healing

  • Cleansing of Aura

  • Reiki Operation

  • Reiki Protection Shield

  • Healing through Crystals

  • Pendulum Usage

  • Reiki Tips

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Reiki Level III

Reiki III-A attunement involves spiritual level of energy and the recipient achieves the spiritual healing as it connects him to the God/Source. He further experiences increase in his ability to channel healing energy. With two more symbols his healing capability reaches to a further higher level.

Reiki III-B is recommendable to serious and devoted healers who take Reiki a major part of their life and have a keen intension to teach Reiki for the benefit of mankind and society.

  • Introduction

  • Master’s symbol and uses

  • Other symbols & their usage

  • Psychic surgery

  • Advanced Reiki Techniques

  • Karuna Reiki

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