Reiki Book Level 2

The “Reiki – 2” book introduces the reader to the advanced healing techniques of Reiki in distance.

This book is available in the Hindi language. The main contents of the book are: –

  1. Introduction
  2. Reiki Symbols
  3. Distance Reiki Healing
  4. Reiki Box
  5. Color Theory in Reiki
  6. Aura Cleansing
  7. Reiki Operation
  8. Other symbols
  9. Anthahakaran
  10. Reiki Protection Shield
  11. Way to change the flow of energy
  12. Crystals
  13. Pendulum
  14. Important Tips

This book will be useful for anyone who wants to understand Distance Reiki and to all the Reiki channels (anyone who has been attuned to for Reiki- II). Reiki Masters can use this book as literature for Reiki Second Degree seminars/students.

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Price – Rs. 200 plus delivery charges

Reiki Book Level 2